Cocktails with the Cult: The Thin Mint

Last year, I threw a big cocktail party at our house as a fundraiser for the March of Dimes. I raise money for the March of Dimes every year because their volunteers helped us get through the NICU experience (it was a March of Dimes parent volunteer who introduced me to the concept of the pump and dump when I really wanted a cocktail during those dark days) and because the research they’ve funded over the years probably helped save The Boy’s life. What’s that, you say? You want to make a donation to our family team in this year’s March for Babies? Well, isn’t that sweet of you! CLICK HERE!

Wait a minute. Is this a cocktail recipe or a fundraising pitch? Hahaha, it’s both!

Now, where was I…oh yes, cocktail fundraiser. Being a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, I know how much people love Girl Scout cookies and how they jones for them after the sale is over. I figured people would pony up a nice fatty donation to have the chance to come to a cocktail party at our place that featured Girl Scout cookies AND booze after the sale was over, when it was too late to buy cookies. So, I bought a zillion Girl Scout cookies, and began surfing the Internet for Girl Scout cookie cocktails, and created a Facebook event, et voila! We had several hundred bucks for the March of Dimes and a lot of happy friends. It was AWESOME.

The cocktail that was the biggest hit of the evening was the Thin Mint (although the Samoa cocktail was also well-loved, but since we just had a delicious coconut cocktail last time here on the blog, you’ll just have to learn about that recipe next year!). You’re gonna love this. It’s strong and sweet and looks amazing. But you’re gonna need some supplies. This is a fancy drink for a special event, not a toss-it-together-when-feeling-lazy cocktail. OK, here goes.

First off, the glass. You want to get some chocolate syrup–good stuff if you can afford it. I went with Dilettante’s chocolate syrup–they’re a local company that makes amazing chocolates, and if you’re ever in the Seattle airport, you should get a mocha from their stand instead of the Starbucks at the food court. Shorter line, better mocha. Alright, so, pour the chocolate syrup in a puddle on a plate and dip the rim in it.

Then you need some crushed up Thin Mint cookies. Smash them in a plastic bag with a mallet, run them through a food processor, whatever. Then put them on a plate too and dip the chocolatey rim in the cookies.

Now the drink. I actually made pitchers of this, so I could just pour some in a glass to serve, but here’s the recipe for one drink:

2 oz. chocolate mint liqueur (I used Crave brand)
1 oz. vanilla vodka
2-3 splashes chocolate bitters

If you’re making an individual drink, you can shaker this one, but since I used pitchers, I just stirred it.

This one is deceptively strong. You’re gonna need a designated driver, you guys, I’m not kidding–especially because it’s so amazingly good, you may be tempted to have more than one! Cheers!

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  1. Dang, Beth, it sounds really good! Nice way to celebrate the end of cookie season….

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