Tomorrow Congress may vote on a change to our country’s health care system that will kill people with cancer. That’s not hyperbole, it’s the truth. The new healthcare bill is even worse than the one that’s being voted on tomorrow. It’ll allow our insurance companies to charge cancer patients like me hundreds of thousands of dollars more just to have health insurance. It’ll allow insurance companies to refuse to cover my son, who was born premature. The members of Congress who vote for this bill are aware of exactly what it will do. They know that if this bill passes, millions of Americans will die for lack of health care. 

In the law, a murderer is someone who knowingly, deliberately takes an action that takes someone’s life. Voting yes on this bill makes people murderers. They are attempting to kill me, to kill other people with cancer, to kill other people with disabilities, to kill other people with illnesses. Their motive is money–we cost too much to keep alive. We are not worth the money that insurance companies must spend on us. 

If your member of Congress is considering voting for this bill, I beg you to call them today and tell them what you think of it. Tell them they are murdering your friend Beth Caldwell with their vote and you will make them pay for that vote. Use your voices to rise up and destroy this bill that will slaughter millions of Americans. And if they won’t listen and they vote for it anyway, you must follow through on your promise and use your votes and your voices to ensure they lose their power. A murderer has no place running our government.

Click on this link for a list of key members of Congress you should be calling. Fill up their phone lines demanding that they refuse to vote for this murderous legislation, and reminding them that their constituents will not vote for a murder next year. Keep calling until you run out of breath in your body. My very life depends on it.