Cocktails with the Cult: Bourbon Rocks

Recently I’ve discovered bourbon. I was always a vodka girl, but I feel like a lot of vodka drinks come with sugary mixers, like fruit juice or sweet liquors–chambord, Bailey’s, that sort of thing. And I find since I started on my most recent cancer drugs, when I have a sugary boozey drink, it makes me feel icky, like, burpy and queasy. Vodka alone is alright, I guess, but it feels a little odd drinking a tumbler of it. I’m not Roger Sterling, much as I adore him.

So, I’ve started drinking bourbon. I’m officially living like a 78 year old.

I drink it on the rocks, because dude, I’ve got cancer, and I’m on a zillion drugs. Adding a little water with my booze isn’t a bad idea. Plus, you get the nice buzz going from drinking more bourbon-y bourbon at the start, and finish with a less bourbon-y, more water-y drink at the end, which seems to help avoid a hangover for me.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for me to develop a taste for bourbon. Good bouron, mind you. I’m too old to be drinking crap. I like to buy a craft bourbon if I can. At the LBBC conference, I drank a bourbon called Hooker’s House. Because, hookers. Recently I drank some Pendleton bourbon, and that was lovely too. 

Thus, I bring you: Bourbon Rocks.

Pour some good bourbon in a tumbler. Careful, it’s strong. OK, a little more. Add ice. I like bigger cubes, they melt slower, so you can nurse your drink a little longer.

Cheers, y’all! Share your favorite bourbon in the comments!