Xeloda is my new best friend

A brief update, because I couldn’t leave you all hanging after that last post about my scanxiety! The brain MRI showed that all those pesky brain mets are either gone, or they’ve been treated and no longer are cancerific. WHAT WHAT!!! I’m over the moon, you guys. And now I just keep trucking on my Xeloda, which so far has come with minimal side effects (I have grown to love this website for inspiring the phrasing in my emails to #bestdocever about my poo) despite my extra high dosage. My next brain MRI will be in 8-10 weeks unless something happens in the meantime. 

This week has been really hard–I’ve been feeling really…fragile. I told #bestdocever that he’s not allowed to tell me about my tumor markers anymore, and he promised he won’t. But now that we know those tumor markers were right and I can keep with this treatment, I’m so much more calm. SO much more calm.

A huge huge huge THANK YOU to everyone who has sent their love and support this week. I have THE best readers in the world!!!