List of movies I can’t watch because of The Cancer

Terms of Endearment


In the Land of Women

Love Story

Decoding Annie Parker

The Fault in Our Stars

The Family Stone

Dark Victory

Life as a House

American Splendor

Gone Girl

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Forrest Gump


Add any movies that cancer has spoiled for you in the comments.

7 thoughts on “List of movies I can’t watch because of The Cancer

  1. How about TV series? I’ve been binge-watching Parenthood, but I’m about to stop due to The Cancer.

    There is a cancer movie that I’ve watched several times: Wit

  2. Beaches

    Marley and Me (ok … just being a pet owner killed that for me but cancer didn’t help)

  3. Cancer sneaks into MANY films. I had a small hiccup watching Guardians of the Galaxy last summer. They don’t say the mom in the beginning dies of cancer, but her bald head makes is clear. The rest of the film was great, but the first few minutes were unexpected, and hard. Especially as I tend to avoid the films you’ve listed.
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  4. I can’t watch any cancer movies, really. One reason is because they miss a lot of important details — like why not show severe constipation, for example? How about people’s dumb comments to patients? I’ve been bothered by the perceptions these movies create.

    Two movies I can no longer watch: “My Life” (1993) — this one hurts my heart — and “Sweet November” (2001) — I am touchy about this one and will write about it soon
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